Garden Organization

Garden Operations: Roles & Duties
Onsite Management
Horticulturalist (2)

Onsite gardening advisor to all. Must also be willing to assist with phone or email hotline for “Ask the Gardener” questions. Should be a Master Gardener or similar level of expertise. Must be present at gardensite a minimum of twice per week, during gardening season.

Garden Manager (2)

Overseer of daily gardening functions. Should possess minimum mid-level gardening experience. Provide general onsite support to gardeners and guests. Must be able to receive calls and emails regarding general garden matters and questions. Must be present at gardensite a minimum of twice per week, during gardening season. Other responsibilities include: Securing garden (shed, fence, etc.) at dusk, tying up hoses, overseeing shed organization. Also manage garden schedule for: Volunteers, Community Service Requirements, and Events. Must attend garden meetings.

Maintenance (2)

Custodian of the garden. Handle waste management and sanitation services for restrooms and all public spaces. Help maintain functionality of garden equipment and facilities. Must have general handyman experience. Available once a week and/or on-call basis.

Beekeeper (1)

Must be experienced. Maintain bee boxes, in addition to collect honey and other hive products.

Finance | Grant Administrator

Research, submit, and maintain grant applications. Serve as primary contact for all grant-related correspondence. Ensure garden staff and operations maintain compliance with terms of grant awards. Must possess strong written and oral communication skills. Grant writing experience is a PLUS. Collaborate with Borough Business Administrator. Must attend garden operation meetings.

Finance | Accounting Clerk

Manage general accounts payable/receivable of books, recording and auditing financial transactions. Maintain ledger and advise on budget, inventory, and purchases. Accounting experience is required. Collaborate with Grant Administrator and Sponsorship Administrator to ensure compliance and proper distribution of award monies. Must pass criminal background check. Must attend garden operation meetings.

Finance | Sponsorship Administrator

With Sponsorship Sales Rep, research sponsorship candidates, prepare and distribute Sponsorship Letters and Packets, and manage correspondence with sponsors. Collaborate with Marketing Team to ensure sponsorship graphics are completed and displayed according to sponsorship agreement. Liaison to sponsoring corporations and businesses. Strong written and oral communication skills are required. Must attend garden operation meetings.

Health, Safety & Compliance Officer

Ensure all garden participants’ awareness and adherence to Garden Rules & Regulations. Serve as Policy Auditor, reviewing and overseeing garden participants, reporting violations to Administration Chair. Provides general enforcement, through written and oral correspondence, according to Enforcement Procedures. Responsible for running background checks on garden staff, volunteers and plot-holders – any participants with access to children. Must pass criminal background check.

Enrichment Coordinator

Coordinate Educational Programs and Enrichment Classes. Collaborate with Garden Manager for events and class scheduling.

Sales, Marketing & Communications
Social Media Coordinator

Support and maintain online marketing strategies and communication, though the use of social networking sites. Collaborates directly with the other Marketing Team members, to plan out the creation and dissemination of content.

Graphic Designer

Create visual content for gardening marketing and communications: social media, promotional and educational print materials, awarenessbuilding and way-finding signage, with special attention dedicated to sponsorship graphics, in accordance with sponsorship terms.

Public Information Officer

Serve as spokesperson of the garden and provides information to the media and general public. Strong written and oral communication skills are a must. Public speaking comfort and confidence are highly preferred.

Community Relations Representative

Single-source contact for communications and correspondence to the garden. Maintain the garden email and voicemail accounts, providing general assistance and information to correspondents. Will forward and route detailed questions and concerns to appropriate garden staff. Also manage correspondence to peripheral organizations and supportive entities:
• Government: Borough, Police Department, Dept. of Public Works, etc.
• Educational: Board of Education, Public Library, Master Gardeners, etc.
• Non-Government Organizations (NGOs): Council of Congregations, Boy Scouts, etc.

Sales: Membership & Sponsorship

Research and solicit new garden members and sponsors through grassroots & digital media marketing, promotional events, and other awareness-building initiatives. Collaborate with Graphic Designer and Social Media Coordinator to develop marketing campaigns.